Our immigration lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice to identify the immigration solutions that work best for you according to your individual circumstances. We represent our clients during the process of obtaining temporary or permanent residencies, visas, work permits, naturalization, and more.
Under the Honduran Immigration Law there are three main immigration categories:

how to get viagra from dr Temporary residency:

  • Pension based retirement residency (pensionado)
  • Income based residency (rentista)
  • Investor residency
  • Residency for the spouse, or family member of a Honduran citizen

best place to buy proscar Permanent residency:

  • Also known as immigrant status residency. This category is for foreign nationals who have been legal temporary residents in Honduras for at least 5 consecutive years.

Special permits:

  • Work permits
  • Permits for Members of religious organizations
  • Students
  • Refugees

General Residency Requirements

The following list outlines the general requirements for any residency application process:

  1.  Police records from your home country
  2.  Recent photograph
  3.  Migratory records issued by the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) in Honduras;
  4.  Honduran Police Records, issued by the Dirección Policial de Investigación (DPI).
  5.  Certificate of good health, issued in Honduras.
  6.  Valid passport (must be valid for at least a year from the date of your application)
  7.  Proof of financial documentation if applying for a retiree, rentist, or investor residency.

Additional Information

  • All documents from abroad must be certified by a Notary, and in addition by a Honduran consulate or Apostille. Documents from certain countries require an apostille, others require legalization. See the complete list of countries that require apostille. All documents from abroad must be translated to Spanish by a Honduran Consulate or by the Secretary of Foreign Relations in Honduras.
  • All documents must be issued within six months prior to filing the application.
  • Passports must be valid for at least one year.
  • All residency and special permit applications must be made through a Honduran lawyer or law firm.

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