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What you need to know about purchasing property in Honduras

Article 7 of the Honduran Constitution states the following:

"State, Municipal or Private Properties situated along neighboring countries or coastlines of both seas in an extension of 40 km towards the interior of the country, including islands, cays, reefs, rocks and sand banks, may only be acquired, possessed or held at any title by Hondurans by birth, corporations formed entirely by Hondurans, and, government institutions, under penalty of nullity of the act or contract." Roatan Life Real Estate

The acquisition of properties located within the limits indicated above are subject to a special legislation know as Congress Decree 90-90.

Thanks to this law foreigners have the right to own land in these areas following these rules:

  • Individuals may own up to 3,000 square meters (approx 0.72 acres) of land for residential purposes;
  • If the property needs improvements (construction of residence), they should be complete within 36 months of the purchase;
  • Foreigners are not allowed to own more than one property.

Purchasing areas larger than 3,000 square meters for tourism projects require the creation of a corporation and the authorization from the Honduran Institute of Tourism. These corporations must be formed entirely by Honduran citizens (natural persons, juridical or legal persons).

Buying or Selling Property in Honduras?

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